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Hops N Lops Farm

Nubian, Saanen and LaMancha Dairy Goats in Harwinton, CT

Hops N Lops ​Bellatrix 1*M

American Nubian     04/13/2011     DNA Typed     A/B Casein     G6S Normal by Testing

ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Linear Appraisal History:

2014   (04-02)  VEEV  88

2016   (05-02)  VEEE  91

DHIR and One Day Milk Test History:

(05-11)   267DIM  1370  53F  50P

(06-11)   288DIM  1460  56F  54P

National Show Placings & Notable Wins:

2016   20th Place Five to Six Year Old

2016   4th Place Dam & Daughter (Wysteria)

2016 INBA All American Aged Doe

2016 INBA Excellence in Linear Apprasial

2015 INBA Res All American Four Year Old

2015 Eastern States GCH & BOB

2014 Eastern States GCH & BOB

2012 Eastern States 1st Place

                              ++*B Kastdemur's Full Disclosure  (02-01) EEE 91

            *B Kastdemur's Full Mailbox

                              SG Kastdemur's The EnvelopePlease 6*M  (05-06) VEEV 88

Beornings Yukio

                              *B Jesta Farm EX Chicago  (01-02) VV+ 85

            CH Beornings Kijuuki  (01-03) +EV+ 83

                              CH Beornings Singing Bird  (05-04) +EEE 87

                              +*B Kastdemur's Meet Dan in Dayton  (03-02) VVV 88

            *B Lynnhaven D Gypsy Csardas  (05-04) ++V 84

                              SGCH Lynnhaven E Gypsy Dancer 3*M  (05-04) EEEE 92

Lakeridge Farm Harriet

                              Windchild Rex Kalon

            Lakeridge Farm Amy

                              BMF Lucy