*B Redwood Hills Atlas Drakon

2016 INBA All American Buck Kid

Breed:  American

G6S:  Normal by Testing

Casein:  B/B

                              +*B Wingwood Farm Tao Amicus 

               +*B Wingwood Farm Ami Tupelo

                              SGCH Wingwood Farm Playtime Teasel 10*M  (05-03) EEEE 90

*B Wingwood Farm TL Atlas

                              ++*B SGCH Wingwood Farm TS Timothy  (05-06) VEE 88

               SGCH Wingwood Farm Tim's Althea 1*M  (05-05) EEEE 91

                              Wingwood Farm KR Acapella

                              ++*B Kastdemur's King of the Hill

               +*B Kastdemur's Monte Carlo

                              SGCH Kastdemur's Mystere 2*M  (06-02) VEEE 91

SG Redwood Hills MC Delilah 1*M  (02-04) +VE+ 84

                              +*B SGCH Misty Knoll's Dandy Escort  (06-02) VEV 88

               Redwood Hills Delusional

                              SG Redwood Hills Talented Demure 7*M  (03-06) VEEV 90

        We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to add Drakon to our herd. Coming from a strong line of excellent show and production records Drakon is truly to total package. He had added tremendous dairy strength and body capacity to our herd already with does consistent across the board and still maintaining their correct general appearance. 

        While Drakon's dam wasn't a doe who was shown, she proved herself by making the elite list and having an excellent track record in production. She is also a daughter of the infamous ++*B Kastdemur's Monte Carlo who has done amazing things for herds around the country. Drakon's sire is also the litter mate to Wingwood Farm TL Aviva 2*M who has already proven herself at 2 years old as one of the most productive does in the Wingwood Farm herd to date, and coming from a herd with as much success in show and milk as them says a lot. Atlas has several young milking daughters on the west coast who have freshened with extremely correct and well attached mammary systems, and are exhibiting the same strengths in dairy strength and gernal appearance we have been seeing in his granddaughters. 

We plan to have semen available in a 2019 once we have had time to evaluate a few of his daughters in milk.

We are offering outside service to approved does. Please contact us for more information on current health requirements.


Redwood Hills Atlas Demeter

Photo Courtesy of Redwood Hills Farm


SG Redwood Hills MC Delilah 1*M

Photo Courtesy of Redwood Hills Farm

Littermate to Sire:
Wingwood Farm TL Aviva 2*M

Photo Courtesy of Wingwood Farm

Paternal Granddam:

SGCH Wingwood Farm Tim's Althea 1*M

(05-05) EEEE 91

Photo Courtesy of Wingwood Farm

Maternal Aunt:

GCH Redwood Hills Sanskirt 7*M

Photo Courtesy of Redwood Hills Farm

Maternal Aunt:

SGCH Redwood Hills MC Talasi 8*M

Photo Courtesy of Redwood Hills Farm


2017 Show Results & Photos

22nd New York Super Buck Extravaganza

Ring A - Jeremy Lesniak


Ring B - Justin Lesniak

Grand Champion, Senior Champion, 1/5

Ring C - Patricia Ricotta


Ring D - Cynthia Shelley



2016 Show Results & Photos

21st New York Super Buck Extravaganza

Ring A - Patricia Ricotta


Ring B - Robert Bartholomew

Junior Champion, 1/5

Ring C - David Funk


Ring D - Cindi Shelley

Junior Champion, 1/5